Ocean County’s Premier Fitness Center

Transform your Body and Mind like never before. Elements of Fitness is the Premier CrossFit Box in Ocean County. We believe in Functional Training, we don’t use machines; your body is the machine!

Hiit Lab

Incorporates functional movements including, body weight exercises, dumbbells, battling ropes, kettle bells and other light equipment.


Is constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.  with the stated goal of improving fitness.

Personal Training

Always customized to your particular needs for frequency and Coach!
We can set up single to multiple session packages targeted to what you need to improve on.

Are you really “in shape”?

We didn’t start CrossFit as just one of our programs. We opened as the first CrossFit only box around.

We believe in functional training. Don’t suck at life! Learn the proper way to move. Correct form both develops your fitness in full range and keeps you safe.

About Us

We are looking for motivated CrossFitters who want to go beyond being just an athlete – so that you become someone who is not only knowledgeable and articulate about CrossFit, but you are capable of teaching a great CrossFit class as well!

From the blog

The First CrossFit Box in the area

We total over 30 certifications – making us the most experienced coaches around!